Weekly Pop Up Store! October 15 2015

Holla Girls!

We apologize for the crazy Hiatus as we've been planning for our weekly pop up store for a while, together with our upcoming website where you girls can stand to get more rebates as you shop(!!!) AND, all of you who'll be signing up a new account with us, will stand to receive S$5 free credits to shop! >:D I hope you're as excited as I am!

Anyhow, we're here to inform you our newly brought together Pop Up Store at 2 locations, weekly. Here are the addresses you may choose to drop by :

Pop Up Store
Primz Bizhub
21 Woodlands Close
#06-19 S( 737854)
Date & Time : Every Friday, 12 - 7PM 
For our Pop Up Store at woodlands, we'd be featuring all our new arrivals that we'd constantly update every 4 weeks! You'd also be able to purchase all items at a cheap price because we all love shopping wholesale, right? Another reason to drop by : We'll be featuring different labels every week (YES! We're inviting other labels to join us so you get more variety!!) So What are you waiting for? Come by today!
Pop Up Online Fiesta!
21 Bukit Batok Cresent
#15-73 S(658065)
Date & Time : Every Wednesday, 12 - 7PM

For our Pop Up Online Fiesta, it'd be bigger to cater to ALL the office buildings around! If you work nearby, don't forget to drop by! You'd be able to shop ALL our Latest Arrivals at lower prices + Receive free gifts with every purchase!* You'd be able to shop a larger variety of clothes so we're sure you'll find something you love! 


With all the upcoming holidays from Christmas (about only 7 weeks away!!), New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, & Chinese New Year, You'll definitely need to stock up plenty of new clothes as we welcome 2016 so come on down every week for a new surprise! 


However, if you own an online store and would love to be part of this fiesta, email us right now and we'd love to collaborate with you! :D


See you xx,
Ninth Store Team


*While stocks last

SG50 : Claim your S$10 credit today! July 30 2015

This week, we're celebrating Singapore's 50th Birthday with our SG50 promo! You may now claim your S$50 credit with us by checking out with SG50! Limited time only so hurry! > Happy Birthday Singapore <3

Who's your favourite? July 08 2015

Hi Girls!

So, as you've noticed (if you're on our Instagram -, we've been working with a few of our favourite Bloggers to find out what their picks from our store are!

Right now, we have Naomi in our Grey Flair Tube Top and Crotchet Overlay. She looked amazing in those pictures and we're also in love with her cute little new puppy!! Here's some pictures from her if you've missed it! 

We , too, worked with Eunice Annabel and love how she worked with our Beeeach Top, looking like she brought the bad girl in her, out to play! 

Im sorry but isn't she stunning! 


Items seen above are running out fast so grab yours quick! 



Ninth Store Team 


Great Singapore Sale! June 22 2015

The time of the year, all Singaporeans go crazy! With Sales everywhere,It's almost impossible not  to shop! And this year, Ninth Store is giving you a 25% Storewide pass to purchase EVERYTHING you've been eyeing for!

All you have to do is key in <GSS2015> Upon check out to be entitled!


Ninth Store Team

Fashion Picks ft Chloe Choo May 21 2015

Hi! In the month of May, we've collaborated with Chloe Choo & Eunice Annabel (Blog Post for Eunice will be up next week!) to see what they really like from us! Here are some of Chloe's Picks.

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! December 13 2014

Because Christmas is ALL ABOUT GIVING!


We'll be giving you 12 days of goodness for you to indulge starting 14th December!!!


Join our mailing list to receive surprises everyday -


Also, VOTE for your favourite section and we'll put up TWO most voted sections to be on 40% OFF for the entire day of Christmas!!

 Go On and tell us now!

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Glimpse of Fashion Ep 1 with Corliss Tan September 29 2014

Yay! It's finally here! And our very first episode of "Glimpse of Fashion" would be with Corliss Tan!


In our opinion, she's really nice, kind and puts in efforts into her everyday wear. She's picked out a few items from Ninth Store and here's how she would match them!


We've also had Corliss tell us more about herself!


1. Brief description of yourself!

"Hello! I'm Corliss, 22 and currently a student in SMU studying business. "


2. When was your Instagram created? Or when did you started blogging?

"I've been having an instagram account for almost 2-3 years now! I first started blogging when I ended my A levels, but began to take it more seriously during the recent years. "


3. What/who are your fashion inspirations?

"I don't really have any fashion inspiration idols, but I usually get my inspirations looking through tumblr or scrolling through random fashion blogs. I enjoy giving the outfit a little twist at the end to make it a style of my own. "


4. What inspired you to match the outfits ft. Ninth Store? 

"I usually go with the style I have in mind for that week or two. So yup! I guess that's what usually inspires me to match the outfits from Ninth Store with."


5. Do you make a point to wear something different everyday?

"Hmmm it depends! I mean sometimes I do wear repeated outfits on slack days for comfort. But most of the time, I'd try to mix & match my outfits to make them look different. "


6. Tell us about your views on girls who dress up and girls who don’t!

"I guess when it comes to this, it's to each it's own! I respect both equally. "


7. Tell us about the clothes you chose from Ninth Store and what made you decide on getting them out of the many designs?

"I'm more into the rock&roll but yet a twist of koreanish style this season. This probably explains the outfit I pick from Ninth Store! "


8. What are your plans for the next 5 years? Would you still stay in the fashion line?

"Well I've grown to love fashion & it became part and parcel of my daily life. I've always loved dressing up since young, experimenting different styles and different look. I wouldn't know where I'd be in 5 years time, but my love for fashion would always be a constant! "


9. Tell us your favourite model/fashion icon and why!

"I don't exactly have a fashion icon, but when I was younger, I loved the Olsen sisters style. I've always been a fan of basic wear and they pull it off really well. "

Corliss Tan's Pick :

Army Tee - Black 

Tina Top - Black

Basic Cross Back Tank - Blue


What would your pick be? 

Also, tell us who you'd like to hear from and what questions you'd like to know and we'll be on it!!



Mid week September 24 2014

I hope your week's going good so far! This week, we'll be starting a new regular post named "Friday Feature", and I promise to try my best to keep it updated EVERY Friday!  

What's a Friday Feature? Basically, we'll be approaching all your favourite Fashionistas, blogger, fashion icon, instagrammer etc. We'll be showing you their picks from Ninth Store, how they matched it and a simple interview with them so you'll get to know them better! Tell us who you'd like us to interview, who you'd like to see being featured and what you'd like to know about them and we'll do it!! 


I hope you like our new campaign because i can't wait to meet more amazing people and bring them to you! 


We're also in the midst of something big (at least to me it is!!) Stay tuned!!!


Love Always,


TGIF! September 20 2014

Sorry for neglecting this space! It's Friday and I just came back from a meeting and extremely excited to let you girls know that we'd be having an office of our own REALLY SOON!! Also, New Arrivals are coming next week and this time, we might be inviting a special guest model, Guess who?? You'll see, next week!!


The next collection, we'd be having Culottes, Outerwears, Platforms, Heels, Skirts & Tops!! Are you excited yet?


Also, we'd be doing a special interview edition with a different girl on a weekly basis, and first up will be Corliss Tan (@corlisstann) ! I hope you're excited to hear her views on fashion, life and more!


Do drop us comments to let us know the questions you'd like to hear from your favourite fashion icon OR who you'd like us to interview next!


Alright, I hope you girls are having an amazing friday :* 


Sweet dreams sweethearts!~



Founder of Ninth Store

Everybody is a Winner! July 25 2014

Rejoice!! Because from 25th July onwards, we are giving away lotsa goodies as you shop, follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook!!



Ninth Store :


Skinfood : 






Self Collection Now Available! June 27 2014

We are proud to inform you that you can now save even more by opting for Self Collection!


Self Collection is available at the following address :

Space Invasion
Levels 3 (#03-15/16), The Cathay 
2 Handy Road
Singapore 229233

Nearest MRT Station: NE6 / NS24 DhobyGhaut